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Hatteras Recycle

Curbside Recycling for Hatteras Island


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About Us...

In 2007 we saw the need for curbside recycling here on Hatteras

Island.  We found that Midgett Realty had been wanting the service for their homes and we started recycling in the Tri Village area for their homes.  We have grown steadily for the past few years, learning the ropes of the business and forming great relationships with organizations such as DENR and the Carolina Recycling Association. Midgett Realty has been a stalwart in regards to recycling and Hatteras Realty has gone green making curbside recycling a regular service in all of their homes. We recycle for a large number of businesses and restaurants as well.

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Bringing Curbside Recycling to Hatteras Island

Hatteras Island NC

News & Announcements

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Press Release:



We have a number of recycling options available:


Whether it's for a rental home, personal home, or business.  We can make curbside recycling work for you! 


Residential plans are as low as $72 per season.





Thanks to our amazing crew we are currently bringing 5-tons  across the scales in Currituck daily!




We are currently recycling over 5-tons per day as of mid August!  From humble beginnings as the picture at the right shows.  We have gone from a pick up truck and a few bins to rear-loading 20- yard compacting trucks collecting over 500-tons per season.

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Beginning in 2014, Hatteras Recycle has gone "Single Stream".  All recyclyable materials can go into the blue roll-cart.

The first pick up for the 2015-16 season is Easter week.





Our new facitliy is open.  The "building dedication", held on August 29th was a huge success.  Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce, Midgett Realty, Hatteras Realty, Tom Murphy, and everyone in attendance!






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